Cupolex Concrete Void System and Foundation Specialists

Cupolex Concrete Void System and Foundation Specialists

In ancient times, Roman architects and builders refined the vault, arch and dome, harnessing its potential as a structurally strong feature in building design. Fast forward to today, that same shape appears in the Italian designed and patented dome in Cupolex foundation systems.

Cupolex has taken a twenty-first century approach to the dome, creating a superior, cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to polystyrene raft, stiffened raft and other concrete void systems for foundation slabs.

Cupolex comes from the Italian word cupola meaning Arch or Dome. Domes are structurally strong in building design, meaning the Cupolex products are comparatively light and easy to install - two experienced people can install 150m2 per hour, and the unique structure provides savings in concrete, steel, labour and freight.

Residential Applications

Cupolex is used to construct concrete floors for houses and garages. Especially in areas where sections are subdivided for higher density housing, Cupolex can easily be to transport to your building site, even where access is difficult. Unlike polystyrene blocks, you’ll have a clean site and no mess for your new neighbours.

Commercial Applications

As well as making strong foundations for new commercial and industrial structures, Cupolex can be used as an in-fill product to raise floor levels, replacing hard fill in building renovations. It’s the ideal environmentally friendly alternative to using metal, reducing the need to dredge our rivers and waterways for raw materials.

Other Applications

Being such a versatile, adaptable product, Cupolex is now being used for many different applications such as freezer floor slabs, roads, air recirculation systems, sites with high and low weight bearings, and where foundations require different heights to accommodate underfloor services.

Better for the Environment!

Cupolex is manufactured in New Zealand from 100% recycled materials that can be recycled at the end of its own life. It takes fewer pallets to transport reducing the carbon footprint and associated costs. No waste, offcuts or beads polluting waterways!

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