Case Study: Halsey Street Apartments

Case Study: Halsey Street Apartments

The Halsey Street Apartments are a great addition to the Wynyard Quarter. A perfect contrast of a waterfront location and an inner-city vibe, these apartments have fantastic contemporary designs making for both interior and exterior luxury. 132 Halsey Street offers a limited number of premium apartments with spectacular views of Auckland’s skyline and marina. 

A full ARDEX System was specified for all the apartment balconies and the roof, reaching just over 3600m2 of installed product in total. The ARDEX Warm Roof system comprised of two areas, one over plywood and the 2nd over concrete.

For the concrete area WPM 300 was utilised as a moisture barrier/vapor barrier to prevent rising damp. On top of this, our 101mm Polyiso insulation board was adhered down using our Polyiso adhesive. Because roof substrate was concrete and the project was in a high wind zone, it was a huge cost saving of labour to use adhesive rather than predrilling holes through the vapor barrier and using a tremendous amount of screw fixings.

This method allowed for the Polyiso board to be fixed at 300mm ribbons ensuring that the board will be able to withstand up to 6kPa wind loads.

Lastly, the base sheet WPM 117- and top membrane ARDEX WPM 189 – black was installed for the final finish.  For the timber areas of the roof, WPM 3000X was used as a vapor barrier due to its ability to self-seal around the mechanical fasteners.

This warm roof system was specified because of our 101mm Firestone Polyiso Insulation Board and close working relationship with the waterproofing applicator- MPM roofing.

Our insulation board has a high Long-Term Thermal Resistance (LTTR) rating and carries the internationally recognized PIMA quality mark certification. Even though this is a torch-applied roofing system, the application system has decreased the risks associated by installing the WPM 117 base sheet overtop of the primed insulation board. WPM 117 also allows for a faster installation, as this first layer of waterproofing doesn’t involve heat so can be applied instantaneously – resulting in roof areas being made watertight extremely fast!

With over 7 ARDEX products being used to comply with a full SystemARDEX warm roof installation and a 20/20 Warranty, the Halsey apartments are waterproof! Next time your strolling through the Viaduct, make sure to gaze upon the Halsey Street Apartments – a great addition to Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter.


Project Details:

Architect: Athfield Architects

Applicator: MPM Waterproofing

Project Size: 3600m(Balconies 2700m2 | Roof 900m2)


More information:

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