Brace Yourself

Brace Yourself

BRACE+™ is the latest cloud-based plasterboard bracing software, providing a range of bracing systems and useful tools to assist architects, engineers, architectural designers and builders through the bracing process for seismic and wind resistance outlined in NZS 3604:2011, Standard for timber-framed buildings in New Zealand.

The BRACE+™ software features a new graphic interface, combined with proven proprietary BRANZ-engineered calculations. Significant additional value has been added by applying the feedback offered by experienced industry veterans.

BRACE+ includes a range of USG Boral Bracing Systems for use as interior wall bracing for buildings within the scope of NZS 3604:2011 or to a specific engineering design. USG Boral Bracing Systems comply with New Zealand Building Code requirements and are BRANZ appraised and CodeMark certified. The software can also be customised to include other third-party certified bracing systems.

Unlike earlier versions, BRACE+™ is cloud-based, allowing the user to conveniently access and edit bracing projects from any computer or internet browser, without the need to download and install additional software. Users can create a personal or business BRACE+ account and store an unlimited number of projects, all of which are only a mouse-click away.

Engineered from the ground up, the BRACE+™ software was developed by USG Boral’s technical and marketing departments, in collaboration with BRANZ and external agencies. USG Boral’s goal is to be an innovation leader, providing customers with an efficient and easy to use plasterboard bracing tool to help them meet building requirements in an efficient and timely fashion, keeping your workload to a minimum.

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