Blow Torch on Cladding - ALPOLIC® NC/A1 vs Solid Aluminium

Blow Torch on Cladding - ALPOLIC® NC/A1 vs Solid Aluminium

ALPOLIC® NC/A1 is a fire-safe Aluminium Composite Material with a non-combustible mineral core that contains zero polyethylene. It has achieved the highest possible European Fire Standard, Euroclass A1 and also ISO5660, AS/NZS1530.1, AS/NZS1530.3 which substantially outperforms Solid Aluminium and cement cladding product options.

It is also the first ACM product to fall under Category D (non-combustible) in the Insurance Council of Australia Hazard Identification and Category Rating guide. 

Manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemical Infratec in Japan, ALPOLIC® NC/A1 represents 49 years of know-how and experience in the development and manufacture of Aluminium Composite Panels. 

ALPOLIC® NC/A1 can be used as an exterior or interior cladding and roof covering for new buildings and re-clad applications wherever a non-combustible material is required. It is also coated with LUMIFLONTM – based FEVE fluoropolymer paint with a 20-year warranty and available in a range of solid colours, metallics, patten, prismatic and sparkling finishes. 



The video puts ALPOLIC® NC/A1 and Solid Aluminium Cladding materials to the test with a blow torch. It demonstrates how long before the fire burns through the cladding and into the cavity on the building and the degree of flame spread from fire source. 

The result, in less than 15 seconds, flame penetrates through Solid Aluminium, while ALPOLIC® NC/A1 resists flame and heat transfer for well over 45 seconds.

So, which material would you trust on your building?

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