Big is Better at Tile Warehouse

Big is Better at Tile Warehouse

Never has the phrase ‘bigger is better’ been more apt than when applied to the latest tile trend.   

Thanks to the latest technologies in ceramics and stoneware, tile formats have supersized to porcelain sheets of up to 3 metres!  

In the past a slab that size would often break under its own weight, but manufacturing processes have created thinner, lighter, porcelain sheets that are easier to lay. 

That’s a great case for bigger, but why better?  

With fewer grout lines and increased pattern continuity, large tiles provide uninterrupted surfaces and fewer visual breaks to distract the eye.

This evokes a spacious look and feel, making them the perfect partner for big or open plan areas and coveted for use in commercial and high-end residential projects. MARMI CLASSICI, with its thin format, also opens opportunities to think outside the square on tile installation and include in design for kitchen surfaces, walls, cupboard facades etc

The Marmi Classici (Classic Marble in Italian) collection at Tile Warehouse offers options in large formats including 3000 x 1500 and 1195 x 595, both with a 6mm depth, and available in the following colours: Statuario Classico, Polished & Matt in 3000x1500mm / 1195x595mm, Pulpis Grey in Polished & Matt 11950x595mm, Nero Marquina in Silk (Honed) & Polished 1195x595mm, Bianco Carrara in Matt 1195x595mm and Fior Di Bosco 1195x595mm.

The range was specifically designed to combine character and elegance to wide contexts such as retail shopping centres, restaurants. corporate offices and public spaces.   

Further advances in digital printing techniques means the Marmi Classici can capture the look of real marble in a large format porcelain tile that is indistinct from, less expensive and lower maintenance than the real thing.

The range offers a selection of organic colourations from white tones to charcoals and blacks patterned irregularly with veins of different shades.

Large format tiles from the Marmi offer continuity in design with the outstanding technical performance that only the finest porcelain stoneware can offer.  

Visit the website for product information and range details and download the brochure here.  

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