Tiny home made possible using the Sanifos 280 GR


Case Study Description

Tiny homes and granny flats are becoming increasingly popular, and they offer a great solution to the nation’s housing crisis. In order to be compliant, granny flats and tiny homes are required to have plumbing amenities including kitchen and bathroom facilities, but this can be a challenge as they are often built lower than street level and adjacent homes. This is the issue that a client had recently with their tiny home build as the selected site was situated far away from the street and was below the street drainage. To enable the tiny home to have plumbing, a powerful pump was required. 

The Sanifos 280 was the ideal choice as it allows the wastewater to be pumped below ground, pushing the wastewater from the unit to the street drainage whilst being unseen. The in-ground tank was also placed a few metres from the unit to ensure the pump was not audible. The 280L tank meant there was adequate capacity for the unit’s waste, allowing for increased wet-area design flexibility. The Sanifos 280 features accessibility through the lid for servicing and a powerful grinder pump .

“When specifying the right drainage product for a complete small residential setting, the Sanifos 280 covers all bases. Have peace of mind, with the inbuilt storage capacity and included alarm system. With flexibility in choosing connection heights and its high performance, the Sanifos provides designers and installers with a great turnkey solution”.

-Ollie Benstead, SFA Australia/New Zealand Technical Officer


The Sanifos 280 GR is an in-ground lifting station ideal for Granny flats and tiny homes. It can take waste from all plumbing fixtures within a residence, such as the dishwasher, sink, toilet, shower, bath, basin and laundry. The Sanifos 280GR is activated via a float switch, which turns on a powerful grinder pump. It also features an included alarm system.


  • Pumps up to 14m vertically or 140m horizontally, or a combination of both
  • 280L tank capacity
  • Features a grinder impeller, which allows it to dispose of greywater and blackwater


A 40cm extension ring designed specifically for the Sanifos 280 GR can be added onto the in-ground tank to allow for additional excavation depth where needed. Using this extension ring avoids having to implement a concrete riser, which can be unsightly and costly.

For this tiny home, an extension ring was required to allow for increased fall from the fixtures in the tiny home to the Sanifos 280 GR.