Signature Homes has an ally in Mason’s UNI Flexible Air Barrier

Case Study Description

How Mason’s UNI Flexible Air Barrier range helps to keep new build projects moving.

When it comes to our new build projects, dealing with unpredictable weather can sometimes be challenging. However, Signature Homes has found a reliable ally in Mason’s UNI Flexible Air Barrier range. This innovative range not only offers protection against the harsh elements but also actively promotes continuous construction, even during unfavourable weather conditions.

Uninterrupted Construction

The UNI Flexible Air Barrier series acts as a shield, offering temporary protection from inclement weather and UV exposure to timber framing for a minimum of 90 days (extended to 120 days for UNI PRO). This protection empowers construction teams to forge ahead with internal building work, unhindered by external factors.

Enhanced Durability

UNI PLUS, an integral member of the range, boasts not only the standard 90-day UV protection but also meets rigorous fire-retardant standards under New Zealand regulations for flexible wall underlays. This attribute ensures that construction can proceed seamlessly, without constraints or compromises, even in potentially hazardous conditions.

Robust Defence

Unlike conventional building wrap materials, UNI PLUS and UNI PRO stand out for their thicker and stronger composition. Their multi-ply structure acts as a formidable barrier against both air and water infiltration, offering enhanced protection against the elements.

Despite this robust defence, these barriers still allow for the diffusion of water vapour, fostering a drier, more comfortable indoor environment. This not only ensures the efficiency of the cladding system but also contributes to the overall quality and longevity of the new build project.

In essence, Mason’s UNI Flexible Air Barrier range isn't just about weather protection; it's a catalyst for progress in new build endeavours, enabling construction teams to navigate through challenging conditions with confidence and efficiency.