Setting the gold standard


Case Study Description

A modern black cedar home with sweeping views across rural Pukekohe in Auckland makes a striking statement on its hilltop location, and a beautiful interior using stylish Iconic switchgear from PDL completes the package.

The house, which was designed and built by Brendon Hamill from David Reid Homes Pukekohe and his wife Leonie, uses classic PDL Iconic in Vivid White and the darker aluminium finish of Iconic Styl in Silver Shadow throughout.

Managing Director Brendon Hamill says the company uses PDL products as a key component of all its builds. “The PDL range offers the perfect finishing touch for our homes. The styles and finishes available in Iconic, in particular, means clients can have switchgear that complements their interior and the fact it’s future-proofed and offers simple smart home functionality makes it an obvious choice.”

PDL Iconic has Bluetooth connectivity to provide the benefits of a smart home without the need for any additional wiring and comes in three designs to suit a variety of modern décors: the classic Iconic in four different colours; the linear Iconic Styl in three aluminium finishes; and the Scandi-inspired Iconic Essence in two colours with rounded edges and birch timber detail.

The unique PDL Iconic base grid is easily installed by an electrician and the interchangeable cover plates can then be clipped on and off, allowing homeowners to swap designs whenever they like.

More than just switches

Brendon Hamill says clients are often surprised to discover how much PDL Iconic’s light switches and power points can add to their day-day life. “They can have plates with USB charging ports to free up sockets, they can add Night Walk sensor lights so no one has to stumble around in the dark, they can schedule heated towel rails to turn on and off to save energy, and even control things like dimmers from their phones without having to get up from the couch.”

For Brendon, Iconic Styl is “the most user-friendly and trendy switchgear product on the market today. It adds so much to the ‘liveability’ of a home and is a cost-effective and easy way to make life simpler.”

Award-winning design

PDL Iconic’s stylish design really comes to the fore in the distinctive kitchen, which sits at the heart of the Pukekohe home. Leonie, who works at Cube Dentro designed the kitchen herself and even went on to win Highly Commended at the 2020 TIDA Awards.

The kitchen is designed to be used while enjoying the panoramic views, with the sink and cooking areas both incorporated into the geometrically styled island. A practical scullery space is tucked behind.

The dark colour palette with brass accents complements the black cedar and joinery of the exterior, with cedar used again in the range block above the island, in a window seat, and in a nearby feature wall.

Leonie Hamill says the sleek angular lines and darker finish of Iconic Styl in Silver Shadow made it easy to incorporate switches and power points without detracting from the impact of the dark cabinetry. “The finish on the Iconic Styl plates was in keeping with the materials we used for the kitchen and they have a beautiful, minimalistic look,” she says.

“For example, in the scullery the hexagonal tiles are almost three dimensional, so it was about getting the power points sitting nice and flat so they look good in the design.”

Life is made even easier with subtle light behind switches indicating when they’re in use, and stylised pictographs helping with easy reference for different appliances.

Style and function with PDL

Hamill says switchgear design has been revolutionised in recent years and the PDL Iconic range shows how a functional element can add to a home’s overall design aesthetic.

“Having more variety now is the key. Every kitchen is different and we really look at the design and placement of power points to enhance the space, whereas years ago they would have been hidden away because we didn’t have those options. If you had a black kitchen ten years ago, you would probably have had to have white power point covers in it.

“Now, we can have switches and points on display and they’re easier for people to use and complement the rest of the cabinetry. They’ve come a long way!”