Coastlands Aquatic Centre


Case Study Description

While working with LHT Design, in a first for NZ, Toby Mason developed this Glulam Gridshell roof. Spanning approximately 35 x 52m, TimberLab produced this unique roof structure to tolerances less than 5mm in length over the total span. Long curved Glulam arches were manufactured in single lengths up to 29m and trucked to site on the Kapiti Coast.


Specially designed splice joints completed the 40m long members. These were not only curved but also continuously twist so their surfaces would be flush when they crossed over each other.


With this three-dimensional form Toby was able to achieve sufficient strength using 225 x 230 Glulam beams. This multiple curved roof presents a stunning solution to a large free span area.


The Glulam structure along with the ETFE cladding system will provide significant energy costs in the ongoing operation of this modern aquatic centre. Toby says, “The 3D geometry was a function to try and optimise the cladding system while maintaining the ability to curve and twist the timber. TimberLab did a great job of matching the 3D geometry provided and we enjoy working with them.