Building Resilience: A Case Study on Allied Concrete's Contribution to the Waimea Dam Project

Nelson, New Zealand

Case Study Description

In the picturesque region of Nelson, New Zealand, Allied Concrete embarked on a monumental endeavour alongside Waimea Water to construct the largest dam the country has seen in over two decades. This case study delves into the collaborative efforts that have shaped the Waimea Dam project, emphasising Allied Concrete's crucial role in securing the region's water supply for the next century.


Project Overview:

The Waimea Dam project commenced in September 2019, with Allied Concrete joining forces to provide essential concrete solutions. Spanning several years, the project aimed to build a robust infrastructure that would not only secure the Tasman region's water supply for the next 100 years but also enhance water quality, boost the local economy, and promote environmental sustainability.


Allied Concrete's Contribution:

Throughout the project, Allied Concrete played a pivotal role in supplying high-quality concrete for various aspects of the dam construction. With over 25,000m³ of concrete completed, Allied Concrete's expertise and commitment were instrumental in meeting the project's demanding requirements.


Challenges and Solutions:

The construction of the Waimea Dam presented numerous challenges, including challenging terrain and rigorous environmental regulations. Despite these obstacles, Allied Concrete's dedicated team consistently delivered exceptional work and service. The embankment face slip form pours, in particular, required meticulous planning and execution, with continuous 24-hour operations spanning multiple days.


Quality Assurance and Safety Measures:

Maintaining rigorous quality assurance and safety standards was paramount throughout the project. Allied Concrete ensured that every load of concrete underwent slump testing by the client and adhered to strict environmental consents. With no rejected loads, medical treatment injuries (MTIs), or lost time injuries (LTIs), Allied Concrete's commitment to safety and excellence remained unwavering.


Results and Impact:

The collaborative efforts between Allied Concrete and Waimea Water exemplify the resilience and ingenuity required to undertake large-scale infrastructure projects. Through unwavering commitment and expertise, Allied Concrete has played a significant role in shaping the future of the Tasman region's water security. The Waimea Dam stands as a testament to the collective effort and dedication of all involved parties in building a sustainable and resilient future for generations to come.


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Image credit: Waimea Water