A Beachlands Build with Iconic Essence


Case Study Description

Owners Clayton and Toni bought the newly released section in Beachlands after falling in love with its views, which became the focal point for the design of their two-storey home. With touches of timber throughout the home, Toni was delighted to find this same timber look in the PDL Iconic Essence switchgear range, which features rounded edging in natural birch.

They added dimmers to their living room and bedroom lighting, and USB ports in each bedroom, as well as in the office, for easy phone charging. “We decided to future-proof a little bit there, so we’ve included the double module with the USB-C connection too, as there are more devices using that now,” says Clayton.

Pictograms help them identify which switches activate lighting in different areas and Clayton was delighted to add his own touch with the custom design service. “I came up with a design for our pendant lights that we wanted indicated and we had it engraved onto the switchgear.”

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