5 Reasons FPS Weathertight is More Cost Effective Than Standard Paper - Case Study

Hamilton, New Zealand

Case Study Description

Discover the Game-Changer in Building Protection: Frame Protection System.

At FPS, our commitment to excellence in construction goes beyond the ordinary. We believe that getting the job done right, on time, and within budget isn't just a goal—it's a passion. That's why we're excited about Frame Protection System – an innovative breakthrough reshaping construction standards.

You might be thinking, “Isn’t all building wrap pretty much the same?” Well, let us show you why FPS is a game-changer.

FPS Weathertight is…

    1. Built To Last

  • Imagine a wrap that’s more than just a barrier. FPS Weathertight is a robust, three-layer European membrane specifically engineered to endure New Zealand’s diverse weather conditions. It’s not just built; it’s crafted for resilience.

    2. Energy Efficiency

  • FPS weathertight does more than keep moisture out—it helps keep your insulation dry and your energy bills low. A dry building envelope means better energy efficiency, which translates to a healthier home.

    3. Get the Job Done Faster

  • Time is money, and FPS Weathertight is designed with efficiency in mind. It’s simple and quick to install, allowing your builders to work faster and more efficiently, ultimately saving on labour costs and keeping your project on schedule.

    4. Work Through Any Weather

  • Don’t let unpredictable weather slow down your project. FPS Weathertight offers unparalleled protection against the elements, allowing construction to continue regardless of rain or shine. Say goodbye to costly delays and rework.

    5. Reduced Risk of Damage and Less Waste

  • Construction sites can be tough on materials, but our FPS Weathertight Wrap is tougher. Its tear-resistant, weatherproof properties mean less material damage and waste, ensuring that your project remains both sustainable and cost-effective.

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Make the smart choice—choose FPS Weathertight Wrap and take your construction to the next level!