Craftstone Schist Clad Panels Coromandel Green

Product Description

Real Stone. Real Simple.

New Zealands only BRANZ Appraised Stone Veneer* Passed E2/VM1, Seismic and ULS windloading. Pre-Approved by Auckland Council.

Schist Clad Panels / Natural Ends are similar to Schist Clad Individual, but are in a panel format. The result is a natural looking stacked stone profile which is super quick to install. Average thickness of Schist Clad Panels / Natural Ends is 20-30mm. 90 Degree Corners and Natural Ends are available for corners applications. 

Available in:

Basalt Grey
Cape Brown
Coromandel Green

This is real stone with all its inherrant advantages, at a price competitive with manufactured stone veneer, and at generally less than half the price of traditional schist cladding.

Quality is guaranteed by Mother Nature! As one second generation traditional stonemason commented - "this is just what the market has been waiting for".

*Excludes whole stone

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