Ceramic Tile Underlay

Product Description

Ceramic Tile Underlay is a smooth sealed board specially designed for use as a tile substrate for internal floors. It is designed to protect the finished tile floor from movement that occurs naturally in timber, particle board or plywood floors. Suitable for use in wet areas, semi-wet and dry areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundries.

Product Profile:

Thickness: 6mm


Key Features:

  • Resistant to permanent damage from water when installed and maintained correctly
  • The sheets come with a pre-marked nailing pattern, which reduces the time the installer has to spend working out where to nail
  • Can be gun nailed with underlay gun nails, which speeds up installation.
  • Minimises tile movement and potential tile cracking caused by the expansion and contraction of wood based substrates.
  • Can be cut to size easily with the Hardie™ Knife, minimising dust on site
  • Classified as non-combustible materials
  • 15 year product warranty


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