Supergrasse Tennis systems

Product Description


From amateur to professional our Supergrasse Tennis systems provide unsurpassed value are suitable for all climates and mimics the best natural lawn courts .

Supergrasse Court Turf - Unsurpassed Value for Money

Supergrasse® Court Turf is one of the best-selling tennis courts in the Asia Pacific region. It offers unsurpassed value for money and is aesthetically pleasing with a wide colour palette available. An all rounder, Court Turf is a multisport surface excellent for school and community courts. Court Turf is made from APT yarn technology designed for Australian conditions, requires minimal maintenance and can be installed over existing asphalt or concrete courts.
  • Excellent value for money
  • Available in polyethylene (PE)
  • Suitable for multisport applications
  • Comes in a variety of colours
  • Australian Made®

Yarn weight: 1,000g/sqm Pile height: 19mm Sand Infill Ratio: High Spin Response: Medium Ball Bounce: Medium Low

Supergrasse Top 10HP - The Ideal Choice for Tropical Climates

Supergrasse Top 10 HP is a commercial grade tennis court system appropriate for tennis clubs. Top 10 HP uses APT’s exclusive high performance 1100 tex PE yarn for unmatched durability and resilience. Due to its pile construction, Top 10 HP is ideal for tropical and subtropical climates where pile crushing during installation is a concern.
  • Heavy weight PE yarn ideal for tropical climates.
  • Heavily resistant to crushing.
  • Commercial grade 1100 Tex proprietary high performance PE yarn.
Yarn weight: 1,075g/sqm Pile height: 19mm Sand Infill Ratio: Medium Spin Response: Medium Ball Bounce: Medium

Supergrasse ProBounce PE - Our Best Seller for more than 15 Years

Supergrasse® ProBounce PE is an ITF-classified, high end synthetic grass tennis court system. Tried and true, ProBounce PE has been a best seller for more than 15 years, and remains the choice for thousands of courts across Asia Pacific, from high end residential to multi-court club applications.

  • ITF paced rated medium-fast.
  • Suitable for high end residential and clubs.
  • Aesthetically more of a ‘grass’ appearance.
  • Higher response to spin.
Yarn weight:1,100g/sqmPile height:16mmSand Infill Ratio:MediumSpin Response:HighBall Bounce:Medium

Supergrasse ProBounce COOLplus - Our Best match to Natural Lawn Courts

Supergrasse® ProBounce COOLplus® is the flagship of the Supergrasse® tennis range. It combines all of the latest in-house yarn technology including texturized monofilament for superior aesthetics and COOLplus® for reduced heat generation. The result is a tennis surface that mimics the best natural lawn courts with much lower maintenance demands.
  • Unique COOLplus® technology.
  • Texturized monofilament construction for maximum aesthetics and minimal appearance of sand.
  • ITF pace rated medium-fast, although surface pace can be customised.

Yarn weight: 1,150g/sqm Pile height: 16mm Sand Infill Ratio: Medium Spin Response: Very High Ball Bounce: Custom

Certified and Preferred

APT Asia Pacific is an ISO 9001-certified manufacturer and has been for nearly 20 years. All of our products undergo 100% final inspection to ensure compliance to our published specifications. Manufactured in Melbourne using the highest quality yarns and backing possible to ensure greater wear and life expectancy for our extreme Australian conditions.



Slip Resistant - Turf

Surfaces can become wet or moist through rain, liquid spills and splashes, routine cleaning and water tracking from outside. APT’s slip resistant products protect the athlete so you can play for longer without tiring or risking an injury.

Glare Resistant

The innovative, quality product that is easy on the eye.

ITF Pace Rated

The ITF Court Pace Classification Programme has been developed to assist purchasers of tennis surface products to determine the type and speed of surface most suited to their requirements. The ITF reserves the right to refuse an application for classification of a surface that it deems is not suitable for the game of tennis, whether in relation to its test values or any other reason. The ITF classifies surfaces into one of five categories according to its Court Pace Rating.
  • Slow
  • Medium-Slow
  • Medium
  • Medium-Fast
  • Fast


Designed to bridge substrate cracks

Secondary Backing

QUALIBACK HYBRID EMULSION: Extensive research and development led to the highly successful ‘Hybrid Emulsion” secondary backing coating to replace outdated technology. The upgrade of this critical system component is based on our chemical manufacturing excellence for formulating acrylic and polyurethane coatings. In-house manufacture and application of the revolutionary ‘Hybrid Emulsion’ secondary backing for artificial turf is a substantial improvement from conventional and outdated SBR latex.

Proprietary PE Yarn

All Supergrasse® tennis products are manufactured using proprietary yarns that are extruded in-house and formulated to meet the demanding climatic conditions of the Asia Pacific region. This design extends even further to include proprietary masterbatch formulations for unparalleled colourfastness and UV resistance. The formulations have proven to be far superior to most imported products as all yarns have been optimised for the harsh Australian climate. APT Asia Pacific is one of the largest 100% vertically integrated synthetic surfacing manufacturers in the world. With this integration APT Asia Pacific is able to offer greater flexibility which can accommodate customers’ needs and sets us apart from our competitors.

COOLplus Technology

All Supergrasse systems feature proprietary infrared-reflective COOLplus® sports yarn technology. Our proprietary COOLplus® yarn technology does not absorb infrared rays, translating into less molecular vibration and cooler surface temperatures. Studies show COOLplus® surface temperatures are consistently 10-20% lower than the competitive systems. The result is better player comfort and reduced need for irrigation!


Environmentally friendly

Our full range is sourced from renewable resources.

Heavy Metal Free

Our full range is heavy metal free, which means it is extremely safe to play on.




Installing outdoor sports surfaces demands specific expertise, a high level of precision and experience. To ensure a successful installation we highly recommend that you only use a certified, approved installer. This will ensure that your system has excellent performance characteristics over the entire surface and longevity.

 7 Year Warranty

The high quality and excellent playing properties of our synthetic surfaces have also been verified by numerous seals of quality and certificates. Our Supergrasse Tennis systems meet the current national and international standards.



Care and Maintenance

A new sand filled surface requires a settling in period during which the sand compacts below the top of the yarn blade and should be maintained at that level for the life of the court. When your surface is first installed it is essential that you store some spare sand in a clean, dry place.

The aim of grooming is to keep the synthetic fibre 'blades' free and open. This will enhance performance and improve drainage through the system. Sand may also become depleted in heavy traffic areas (along the baselines) and deposited elsewhere. You need to level out any hollows and hills.

Every week for 6-8 weeks using a wide Bassine broom, redistribute sand as necessary. Give your new sand filled surface a good heavy brooming (push don't pull), working against the direction of the lean making sure the fibers are upright and the sand is distributed evenly.
The aim during this period is to achieve a consistent level of sand with 1mm to 2mm fiber exposed above the sand. After this settling period the heavy brooming may be limited to approximately twice per month.

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