SUMNER Roxbrough Schist Veneer

Product Description

SUMNER Roxbrough Schist has a contemporary finish, derived from the combination of its urban charcoal colours and the stones embossed format. Geological this stone is a gneiss, which is extremely dense hard. This makes it excellent for cladding.

* It looks like real stone because it is!

* Weighs approximately 100kg per m2 installed.

* 'Face loaded' not 'foot loaded' like traditional stonework. This keeps transportation costs down

* BEAL Appraisal now superseded by CODEMARK!

* Drained Rainscreen Facade System

* Designed to be environmentally friendly. SUMNER uses recycled plastic in our cavity battens, and also fly ash in our fiber cement sheet.

* No third party products so we quickly and easily issue CCC documents including a full 15 year installation warranty.

* Nationwide installer network.

* 15 year Full Installation warranty

* NZBC compliances B1,B2,E2,F2

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