Porous paving

Product Description

StoneSet's resin bound paving use's just enough resin to ensure each particle is coated, which allows points of contact to fuse together whilst leaving voids through which water can flow offering differing rates of permeability.

In order to create a truly porous system, StoneSet should be used with a fully permeable base.  This could mean laying StoneSet over a base of permeable base courses or no fines concrete.  Another option is to use a gravel cell system such as Atlantis, which provides a sturdy base, backfilled with fines.  A porous base combined with StoneSet means you can create a totally permeable system.


Porous paving offers a solution, allowing water to quickly pervade the surface and return directly into the ground before it has a chance to pick up too many impurities. With the right system porous paving will also assist with the filtering and bio-retention of the impurities and pollutants, capturing them within the system before the release back into the water table.

Suitable for:

  • Pathways
  • Courtyards
  • Driveway
  • Carpark
  • Drainage strips
  • Tree Surrounds

Colour Range

The large range of stones and aggregates in our products enables you to create your perfect hard wearing finish over your existing surface. 

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StoneSet porous paving systems are guaranteed for five years and you're guarded against UV degradation, loose gravel and poor workmanship.  A StoneSet paving system will give you a practical, hardwearing surface with endless design possibilities.

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