DE8060P2 Condensing Dryer, 8kg

Product Description

This Fisher & Paykel condensing dryer has a large 8kg capacity, perfect for family sized loads.

Auto-sensing detects moisture level to prevent under or over drying

Condensation is collected in a tank so no need for external venting

SmartTouch™ control dial for easy use


850 X 600 X 645


Healthier drying

Condensing technology drains water from the dryer into a tank. This reduces moisture and allergens released into your laundry, compared with a front venting dryer. A healthier choice for allergy sufferers.

Easy to use

This dryer has a cycle to suit every type of load including Delicate, Heavy and Freshen. Select a cycle with the easy to use SmartTouch™ control dial.

Drying rack

This model comes with a drying rack, perfect for those items that are too precious to tumble.

Cares for clothes

Auto-sensing prevents over-drying by sensing moisture levels inside the drum and shutting off automatically. This helps clothes last for longer and reduces energy consumption.

Drum light

A handy interior light turns on when you open the dryer door, providing improved visibility inside the drum. 

Perfect pair

Fisher & Paykel washers and dryers are designed to match and look stylish together in your laundry - they can be stacked to offer you more storage space.