Atkar Audi Tile™

Product Description

Atkar Audi Tile is a round hole or slot perforated MDF or plywood lay in ceiling tile pre-finished with a decorative veneer, two pack urethane or natural timber veneer finishes.

High end decorative finish in an acoustic ceiling tile.
100% access to plenum services.
Rebated edge to suit T15 or T24 exposed grid system.
600 x 600 or 1200 x 600 mm tile size.
IAB acoustical backer as standard.
Constellation tile, open area 10.2% 4.5mm Ø at 12.5mm o.c square pattern.
Galaxy tile, open area 12.5% 10 mm Ø at 25mm o.c square.
Meteor tile, slot perforations at 31.5mm o.c.