500 Series Architectural

Product Description

500 Series Architectural Built for New Zealand Conditions

  • NZS:4211:2008 Specification for performance of windows
    • Windows passed 2.7m passed Extra High
    • French Doors 2.7m passed Very High
    • Open In Hinge Door 2.7m passed Extra High
    • 4 Panel Bifold Door 2.7m passed Extra High
    • Sliding and Stacking Doors 2.7m passed Extra High
  • Select the 500 Architectural Series if your project is in a wind zone up to Very High or Extra High
  • Select the 500 Architectural Series if you have large openings

Sustainability built into the joinery

  • Aluminium profiles extruded from 85% recycled aluminium content
  • Reduced carbon footprint of 1.21kg of CO2 per kg of aluminium (compared with 4kg from renewable energy sources)
  • Aluminium profiles supplied from an organisation accredited for CEMARS carbon footprint certification
  • Aluminium profiles supplied from an organisation accredited to ISO:14001 Environmental Management System
  • A circular economy value chain can be created by recycling the aluminium at the end of its durability life cycle (B2 Durability between 15 to 50 years)
  • Residential Awning Window Features:

    • 52mm platform with a contemporary appearance that provides substantial opening sash strength allowing large sash capability.
    • Flat exterior sash options, with a glass line constant with the fixed light.
    • Internally boxed mullions for strength and a commercial appearance.
    • Framing options to provide cost-effective installation for smaller windows.
    • Split mullion option for strip glazing of larger units and allowing seismic expansion.
  • Architectural Hinged & French Door Features:

    • Heavy Duty 46mm Cast Aluminium Hinges to provide durability and strength.
    • 52mm panel depth to provide additional span capability for the door suite.
    • Omega proprietary strip drive locking. Provides durable/silent operation for multi-point locking of doors.
    • Range of proprietary stainless steel door strikes with concealed fixings.
    • Wide door stile and rail options for additional strength.
    • Foam Q Lon perimeter sealing for higher weathering and acoustic performance.
  • Architectural Bifold Door Features:

    • Bottom rolling bi-fold to get the operating loads back to the slab.
    • 52mm stile with heavy wall thicknesses to provide substantial strength in a narrow stile width.
    • Stainless steel lock strikes for enduring performance.
    • Heavy-duty cast aluminium hinges to provide durability and strength.
    • Robust proprietary bottom rolling hardware.
  • Architectural Sliding and Stacking Doors Features:

    • Glides on high capability rollers, capable of carrying 450kgs of glass
    • Sliding door panels are on the outside, providing a higher performance door installation
    • Sliding door panels can conveniently meet at 90 degrees.
    • Fixed lights and sliding panels have common sightline appearance.
    • Proprietary 4-panel bi-parting door solution to provide the narrowest 4 panel joint on the market.
    • Polyamide track to provide a robust surface for the rollers to smoothly glide on.
    • Foam Q Lon internal perimeter sealing for higher weathering and acoustic performance.
    • Unique raised track solution to allow water to drain quickly away.
  • Architectural Entrance Doors

OMEGA® Entrance Doors offer both classic and contemporary approaches to your homes entry point. We have a full range of traditional tongue and groove doors that can be assembled at any width. These can be provided as a French Door arrangement or single panels. We pride ourselves on leading the industry with cutting-edge design in Entrance Doors and constantly adding to the range.

    • Vertical tongue and groove door panel assemblies with optional ‘expressed’ glazed inserts
    • Flush Glass Door – structurally glazed door.
    • Door construction is concealed when the panel is closed in the frame.
    • A variety of finishes and materials can be structurally glazed into the panel
    • The same door can be glazed with painted glass with baked-on colour for a durable colour-fast appearance
    • Available with interior 12V LED lighting, this can be used to great effect with or without an interior infill element.