400 Series Thermal

Product Description

400 Series Thermal Built for New Zealand Conditions

  • NZS:4211:2008 Specification for performance of windows tested up to Extra High
    • Windows passed up to 2.05m passed Extra High
    • Open out Hinge Door 2.1m passed Extra High
    • French Doors 2.05m passed Extra High
    • Open In Hinge Door 2.1m passed Extra High
    • 4 Panel Bifold Door 2.1m passed Extra High
    • Sliding and Stacking Doors 2.4m passed Extra High
  • Select the 400 Thermal Series if your project is in a wind zone up to Extra High
  • Select the 400 Thermal Series if you have large openings and require excellent thermal performance

Sustainability built into the joinery

  • Aluminium profiles extruded from 85% recycled aluminium content
  • Reduced carbon footprint of 1.21kg of CO2 per kg of aluminium (compared with 4kg from renewable energy sources)
  • Aluminium profiles supplied from an organisation accredited for CEMARS carbon footprint third-party certification
  • Aluminium profiles supplied from an organisation accredited to ISO:14001 Environmental Management System Certification
  • A circular economy value chain can be created by recycling the aluminium at the end of its durability life cycle (B2 Durability between 15 to 50 years)

Windows + Doors account for more heat transfer in an insulated building than any other building component. Up to 60% reduction in heat loss can be designed into OMEGA Thermal Windows.

The OMEGA Thermal Break technology is unique to us in this part of the world. Designed in New Zealand inspired by European experience our thermal break is positioned to the outside of the joinery which means the cold does not have the chance to get near the warmth inside. Therefore it performs much better as a 'barrier' which results in advanced thermal performance.

OMEGA Dual Colour provides the option to split colour between inside and out. This is one of the many features of OMEGA Thermal Break.

  • Thermal Awning Window Features:

    • Square beads for an architectural appearance.
    • Two sash options: pocket glazed and beaded sashes.
    • Aluminium liners for a highly durable finish for bathrooms etc.
    • Strongback mullions for zero awning frame projections and a clean exterior.
    • OMEGA sash fastener handles, venting and low profile available.
    • Wide range of fixing options for every level of interior finish.
  • Thermal Hinged & French Door Features:

    • Solid European design to help eliminate Bi-Metallic effect.  
    • Thermal break to outside for higher thermal performance
    • Proprietary multi-point locking system for strength and convenience.
    • Foam perimeter seals available for high-performance resistance to water and air infiltration. 
    • OMEGA European strip drive provides rattle-free door locking
    • OMEGA's proprietary Polymide track system has been cycle tested at panel loads in excess of 300kg.
  • Thermal Sliding and Stacking Doors Features:

    • Use of Q-LON™ seals in proprietary jointer detail to achieve the highest level of water and air performance.
    • Cycle tested to over 35,000 operations, more than 20 years of normal use.
    • Designed for strength and aesthetics with an attractive finish.
    • Optional concealed fixing of sliding door rails.
    • Unique components designed to minimise water infiltration.
    • The Polyamide track system – By introducing this track element Omega have avoided the issue of surface finishing failers due to excess load and wear.
  • Thermal Roof Windows

    • Complete flexibility in size
    • Quality Italian remote controlled mechanisms on opening sashes
    • Exterior colour can be customised to match your roofing colour, interior colour can be matched to the internal finishes
    • Dulux powder coat with a minimum 10-year warranty
    • Highest recycled content of any aluminium produced in New Zealand
    • Insulated glass unit can be specified as an acoustic unit, the perceived sound reduction can be as high as 1/2 the original noise level
    • Acoustic unit also has the added benefit of 99% elimination of harmful UV rays
    • WEERS (Window Energy Efficiency Rating System) rating provided by Metro Performance Glass indicates 5.0 stars for our highest performing glass specification
    • Standard glass unit has an R-value (resistance to loss of heat) of 0.62 m2 K/W, 17% more resistance than our nearest competitor
    • Insulated glass unit with tinted glass can reduce the heat gain by as much as 50%
The Omega 400 Series Residential has achieved Declare label, red list free status for anodised frames and is 85% recycled aluminium content with CEMARS carbon emissions measurement and reduction scheme certification.
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