3M™ Roofsafe™ Cable System

Product Description

3M RoofSafe™ Cable is a low profile, modular, cost-competitive and safe solution for continuous fall protection.

  • 3M RoofSafe™ Anchor and Cable is a horizontal lifeline system that allows continuous uninterrupted access.
  • Multiple people can access the system at any given time and travel freely across intermediate posts without having to disconnect.
  • Continuous handsfree access. The anchors are multi-directional providing total freedom and flexibility in system design.
  • Fits any roof profile. With multiple fixing options, 3M cable systems can be side mounted to a wall or surface mounted to roof profiles including iron, warm and membrane roofs.
  • Minimum roof penetration equals maximum water resistance. The RoofSafe™ cable systems mounts directly to the surface of your roof profile with as little as eight watertight rivets per baseplate. Unlike other fall arrest systems, RoofSafe™ baseplates are never fixed to the roof pan making it New Zealand building code compliant.
  • Ideal fall arrest system for new and existing building due to its reduced load rating to the roof structure. Multiple fastener options reduce the complexity of the specification making installation a breeze. As there is no structural penetration, there is no requirement for engineering compliance.
  • Modular, lightweight design provides safe, cost-effective flexibility in system design including accommodating roof refurbishment and green roof projects. In the unlikely event that the anchor is deployed, it is possible to remove the module and replace it with a new one.


Less training & experience required

Conforms TO AS/NZS standards Includes AS/NZS 5532:2013 and has been tested to both EN795 Class A and C, OSHA, ANSI and Standards.